What would your life be like if you believed in yourself?

Self belief IS NOT:

  • Arrogance
  • Complacency
  • Refusing to listen to other people’s opinion or advice
  • Always having to be right

Self belief IS:

  • Accepting you have as much right and possibility as anyone else, of achieving everything and anything you really want. 
  • Recognising you are fully able to learn the skills that will take you where you want to go. 
  • Acknowledging you have every right to pursue life in ways that will bring you success and happiness. 
  • Realising and recognising that you are unique in your own special blend of talents; ambitions; skills; vision; and you can use them to bring the maximum amount of good to others and yourself.


  • How much would your life change if you really believed in yourself?
  • Where would you be if your self belief was strong enough to convince you that you could do anything you really wanted to do?
  • What would you be doing – right now – if you had the self belief that you could achieve anything  you really wanted to?
  • How would you feel if you could get rid of all those nagging doubts and feelings that keep telling you that you’re really not good enough; or that you would fail; or that other people will be laughing at you???


  • Positive Affirmations.  Your present reality is a direct result of your thinking.  Change your thinking and your reality changes.   Affirmations can change your thinking. 


  • Challenge negative thoughts and REPLACE them.  I read once that the human brain processes 90, 000 thoughts a day out of which 60, 000 are repeated thoughts – that’s 60% of our thoughts!!!  If we tell ourselves something enough times and we think something enough times we will begin to believe it.  All the more reason to replace those negative thoughts.


  • Visualisation is also a very powerful strategy for change.  The technique of visualisation has been used for centuries as a powerful means of training the human mind and it literally means “seeing” in your mind’s eye, the scene you want to create.  Imagine what you would be like if you had more self belief and draw both inspiration and motivation from that vision. 


  • Persistence.  It is important to remember that there is no such thing as instant results.  There will be set backs but don’t let these dishearten you.

If everyone gave up after set backs and didn’t push themselves out of their comfort zone for the fear of failing then we would never have had people like Sir Isaac Newton; Abraham Lincoln; Rosa Parks; Martin Luther King; and many other influential people make history. 

History that changed the way we live in the present moment today.    

Kamalyn Kaur

Key Therapies