Anxiety – become aware of the red flags!

Anxiety can leave you feeling that it has taken over your life. One of the most common symptoms is experiencing panic attacks.

However it doesn’t just get to that stage straight away – there are lots of red flags along the way. Become aware of these and you could perhaps address the anxiety before it gets to the “panic attacks” stage. Here are some for you to look out for:

Increased heart rate / palpitations.
Tightness in chest.
Chest pains – sometimes so much so that people think they may be experiencing a heart attack.
Breathing difficulties.
Stomach / digestive problems.
Soreness, tiredness and fatigue.
Restlessness and fidgety.
Neck, shoulder and back problems.

What you can do
Tell a friend / family member that you trust how you are feeling.
Visit your GP to discuss your symptoms and if there is anything that can be done to help you.
Address the causes / roots of your anxiety.
Speak to a therapist to help you understand your anxiety and develop coping strategies.

See anxiety in all its forms and you could take control of it sooner rather than later!

Kamalyn Kaur

Key Therapies