Anxiety about Anxiety!

Anxiety can take over your life. 

It can affect your thinking; behaviours; feelings and very often your ability to function on a day to day basis. 

Anxiety is very often misunderstood.  As a result of this, there are times that my clients have put up with the anxiety longer than perhaps they have needed to. 

Three key things that I share with clients about anxiety:

1. Anxiety is a normal and natural reaction.  It is your body’s defence mechanism and your body’s way of looking after you.  It is not a bad thing so STOP beating yourself up for something that you are in fact hardwired to do. 

2. Don’t be scared of the anxiety.  Very often I find that, for clients, the worrying about anxiety is WORSE than the actual anxiety itself.  Learn more about your anxiety to understand it better – as soon as you begin to understand it, it’ll seem a lot less daunting. 

3. Have realistic expectations.  Saying that you NEVER want to feel anxious ever again and then judging yourself every time you do feel anxious is not only unrealistic but also very unhelpful.  Anxiety is a natural reaction and will be activated anytime your body feels that it is in any danger.  You don’t want to deactivate this life saving response.  Instead you want to learn how to manage it better. 

By changing your mindset towards your Anxiety you are already taking one step away from it!

Kamalyn Kaur

Key Therapies