How to pick the right therapist for you?

How do I pick the right therapist for me? An important question that a person may have when thinking about therapy.

Often, people spend time looking into credentials; qualifications; experience; and therapeutic approaches when deciding upon a therapist. Although all of these are important factors, they mean nothing if there is no CONNECTION between your therapist and you.

As human beings we are hardwired to connect with others – this is how relationships are formed between family; friends; and lovers. The therapeutic relationship is no different. A good connection with your therapist will ensure that your emotional needs are addressed, allowing you to create positive changes.

In order for the therapeutic process to be effective, one of the key ingredients is the therapist themselves. During your therapy sessions you should feel:

  • Your therapist “gets you”.
  • Heard.
  • Safe and trust that everything is confidential.
  • Able to speak freely without worrying about being judged.
  • You can raise issues without worrying about upsetting your therapist.
  • You are being supported.
  • Comfortable and at ease. It is inevitable, that you will at times be distressed / upset due to the emotional nature of your issues. However you should not be feeling this way directly because of your therapist.

Where possible, ask for a consultation or a quick face to face chat as this will give you an opportunity to meet with your therapist to determine how you feel.

Whatever you decide – make sure it makes you happy!

Kamalyn Kaur
Key Therapies