How to get structure and routine in your life?

For most of us, structure is important in many aspects of our lives whether it be home or at work. Structures gives us routine; stability; familiarity; and emotional security – allowing us to plan and prepare for the day, week or month ahead. The lack of structure, can prove to be very unsettling for some causing them to feel confused; chaotic; dissatisfied; stressed; and out of kilter.

The GROW model is a practical framework used within coaching and management to help individuals clarify personal goals; explore actions and then act on them.

The acronym GROW stands for:

Goal setting
Set yourself goals which are SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time framed).

Reality Checking
By doing a reality check you objectively assess where you are currently in your life; how you feel in your current situation; why you are feeling this way; whether you are achieving what you aimed for; and what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Explore as many different possible courses of action to achieve the goals set, as opposed to going for the first obvious course of action. Explore how to overcome any potential obstacles to your goals.

What is to be done, when, by whom and the will to do it
This stage involves moving away from discussion to decision; planning; and action.
What are you going to do?
When are you going to do it?
Whether it is likely to help you meet your goals, if not then change the intended action?
What difficulties you might encounter and how you might deal with them?
Who are you going to tell about what you are doing?
What support you may try to get to help you in your actions?
The GROW model can assist you in having a more clearer, focussed and channelled vision for the future by setting goals and working towards them on a step by step process.

Restore some structure into your lifestyle and get yourself “back on track”.

Kamalyn Kaur
Key Therapies